Rhode Island Democratic Party Women's Caucus

Mission statement:

With the goal of reducing the disparity between men and women in public policy formation and elected offices held, the RIDWC seeks to organize, recruit, prepare, and support women who wish to enter the political process and raise awareness of women's issue within the Democratic Party.

Together we can promote a strong and vibrant voice addressing the concerns of women, including pay equity, social equality, education, domestic violence, children's health, foster care, sexual harassment, and women's health.

Board of Directors:

  • Maureen Martin, Chair
  • Ani Haroian, Vice Chair
  • Karen Bradbury, Public Relations and Outreach
  • Edna O'Neill-Mattson, Democratic National Committeewoman and Advisor
  • Pam Carosi-Jourabchi, Events and Finance

RIDP Women's Caucus Board of Directors

Membership Fee: $20.00/year

To get involved: E-mail us or call 401-721-9900.