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DACA and America's Dreamers

President Trump took a most heartless on September 5, 2017, to begin the process of deporting America's Dreamers - those young people who entered our country undocumented and as children. Today fully 91-percent of them are gainfully employed or in school, contributing to our economy, our neighborhoods and this proud nation of immigran0 tts.  This is the face of DACA. 


 2017 - 2018 - A look back; a look forward

2017 elections sent shock waves across the country, as a presidential campaign broke all the rules on the norms. It was a first-ever woman running for president against a New York real estate mogul. It was an unprecedented  interference by the Russian government in our election process - the likes of which continue to unfold every day, and the impact of that election reveals itself in everything from the composition of our courts to the defunding of climate control measures, to the elimination of health care benefits, to a propsed wholesale tax reform that will benefit only the most wealthy in our country.   

But America is speaking up. From the Million Mom March on the day after the presidential inauguration, to the peaceful protests across the country, to the growing number of registered voters, Americans - Democrats - are finding their voice.This past year has been called by some, the Year of the Woman, as women voters across the state and nation engaged actively in elections, registered to vote and asked how they could get involved in politics and their government. Our reactivated Women's Caucus is a great case in point. Hundreds of women from across the state have been attending our monthly meetings, and we held the first-ever fundraiser for the Women's Caucus, which will be used to support education and training in campaign and elections, and will support women as Democratic candidates.

2018 will be a transformative year for the Democratic Party at all levels. Here, in Rhode Island, we are committed to building our base and engaging all voters in our democracy.  We are also reaching out for our other caucuses, and are working with our LGBTQ and I'm ABLED caucuses for starters. Now, we are preparing to launch our African-American and Latino Caucuses. Involvement in the party can be done as part of a caucus or joining a campaign to make calls, knock on doors or write letters to the editor. Our democracy needs you: but to make change,happen, you must first get involved.