Apply for the RIDP Mastercard

Now you can help elect Rhode Island Democrats with every purchase!

Democrats are leading the way for a better Rhode Island, and now there’s a new and exciting way you can help build our party today and in the future. The Rhode Island Democratic Party is already working to support our 2008 candidates, build a strong grassroots organization, and help win back the Governor’s office in 2010.

But we can’t continue the fight for middle class values without your help. Now there’s a way you can financially support the Rhode Island Democratic Party without spending an extra penny!

You can join the fight for Democratic priorities by getting your own Rhode Democratic Party Platinum MasterCard. A sign-up bonus and a percentage of the amount you spend on the card will be automatically contributed to the Rhode Island Democratic Party. Just use the card for every-day purchases like groceries, gas, and clothing-everywhere your MasterCard accepted.

This is a great way to support your party without reaching into your own pocket! You can help us in the fight for working families and APPLY TODAY!

Please click here to apply.

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