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2.14.18  CO & RI among Few States Prepared for Elections - Sentinel Record (AP story)

1.31.18  Congressional Delegates Critical of Trump Speech - RIPR

1.31.18  Gorbea in US Elections Roundtable  US Elections Asst. Comm.

1.31.18  RI Mother Faces Deportation - Providence Journal

1.30.18  Rep Joe Kennedy Democratic Response - CBS news/FB

1.30.18  Meet the Women's Caucus Board - Public Now

1.30.18  Whitehouse interviews Pruitt - Grist

1.30.18  Pimental Face of DACA in RI - Providence Journal

1.30.18  Whitehouse at Woonsocket Town Hall - Providence Journal

1.25.18  Ruggerio Backs Bill for Aging in Place - Jamestown Press

1.24.18  ED Olasanoye at Nat'l Dems Meeting - Public Now

1.24.18  Organizing the Senate can get Messy - Roll Call

1.23.18  High Drama in Pawtucket's S-8 Race - Valley Breeze

1.22.18  Roll Call: Push to Keep Gov't Open - Washington Post

1.22.18  Whitehouse says DJR Falls Short on Opioid Funding - Washington Times

1.22.18  State Chair Collecting Clothing MLK Day - Public Now

1.18.18 Whitehouse Named to Powerful Panel - Jamestown Press

1.12.18 Republicans' Fantasy Investigation - New York Times

1.11.18  Governor Wants Waiver on Drilling - Seymour Tribune (IN)

1.5.18  Trump: Claims 'Mostly Democratic States' Refusing Voter Data - Washington Post 


12.31.17  It's a New Year in Rhode Island  - Providence Journal

12.6.17  Democratic Party calls on Franken to Resign - The Week Magazine

12.5.17  Governor Raimondo Recognized by SANS Institute - ADVEN Deutschland

11.30.17 RI Dem Party ED Criticizes Fung on Frm. Police Chief -WPRO

11.22.17 Fixing the Democratic Party - The Gulf

11.17.17 Dufault on RI Democrats' messaging - RIPR

11.9.17  Women's Caucus holds 1st Fundraiser - WBRU

11.6.17  Pelosi & Democrats Denounce GOP Tax Cut Plan - Santa Maria Times

9.20.17   Governor Looks Out for DACA Youth - ShareBlue

9.20.17  RI Lawmakers Guarantee Sick Time - Providence Journal

9.18.17  What do Centrist Dems Stand For? - New Republic

9.15.17  Paolino Interested in DNC Committeman Post - RIPR/TGIF 

9.14.17 Democrats Line up for Single-Payer  - RI Public Radio

9.6.17   Top Republicans Join Dems in Calling for End to Gerrymandering - Daily News

9.5.17    RI Dems Push Back Against DACA End - Westerly Sun

8.22.17  Passing of Frank J. Montanaro

8.16.17  RI Dems Decry GOP Silence on Trump & Charlottesville

8.16.17  McNamara Calls on  Bell to Speak Out on Violence 

8.2.17    Chair on DACA 

7.26.17  Local Leaders Lambaste Trump's Ban on Transgender Military - WPRI

7.26.17  RI Dem Party, Cicilline Blast Trump's Plan to Ban Transgender Military - GoLocalProv

7.19.17  How the Senate Health Care Bill Failed - New York Times 

7.19.17  In Leadership Void Governors become the new President - Newsday

7.19.17   Congressional Dems Launch 'No Confidence' vote Against Trump - The Hill

7.19.17  Democrats Live with DNC Chair Perez, Keith Ellison & Sen. Warren -

7.18.17  Newport, Jamestown Dems Pick Euer for Senate-13 Seat - Providence Journal

7.17.17  RI Democrats Unite Against GOP Health Care bill - WPRI Eyewitness News

7.14.17  Nations Governors 'High Degree of Anxiety' over Health Care Bill - NBC News

7.13.17   RI Democratic Women's Caucus Travels the State - RIFuture

7.12.17   No RI Voting Data will go to Washington, For Now - RI Public Radio

6.19.17  Editorial: RI's Budget Strikes Balance - Providence Journal

6.19.17  District 13 race: 4 candidates at Forum - The Patch

5.22.17  RI Democratic Party Hires Kevin Olasanoye as New ED - RI Public Radio 

5.4.17    RI Top Dems Scorch GOP Health Bill - Providence Journal 

4.9.17    The Raimondo Brand: Nation's top Dems Tout Governor Raimondo - Providence Journal

4.5.17    RI Democrats Defend Governor's Jobs Record after GOP Attack - Providence Journal

2.21.17   Shanley seeks relief for tenants affected by second-hand smoke - Warwick Beacon

2.21.17   U.S. to increase no. of immigrants targeted for deportation - Providence Journal

2.21.17  Trump seeks to prevent panic over immigration policies - Washington Post

2.20.17  Sen. Reed calls for Trump Financial Disclosures - R.I. Public Radio

2.20.17   Sen. Whitehouse at Munich Conference - R.I. Public Radio

2/19/17  Scientists Rally in Boston vs Trump - Woonsocket Call 

2.18.17  R.I. Democratic Party Women's Caucus - RI Future

3.01.17   How to Build an Autocracy - The Atlantic (online 2.15.17) 

2.15.17   R.I. Dems to support Cong. Ellison for DNC chair - World News

2.15.17   Trump blames 'fake news' - Politico

2.15.17   Academics on Twitter taking on Trump admn - Slate

2.15.17   Graham: If Trump Camp Talked with Russia, We Need a Select Committee - Talking Points Memo

2.15.17   Flynn's departure erupts into full-blown crisis - The Washington Post

2.15.17   Trump's campaign aides had repeated contact with Russia - New York Times

2.15.17   For weeks Trump knew Flynn misled - Providence Journal

2.14.17   RI Dem Chair makes statement  on Gen. Flynn   - World News

2.14.17   The humbling of a president - The Washington Post

2.14.17   Senate pledges to deepen probe of Russia, elections -Providence Journal 

2.10.17   22 Things to know about Rhode Island - RI Public Radio

2.9.17     RI Dems launch Women's Caucus - Cranston Herald 

2.9.17     RI Democratic Women Launch Caucus - Johnston Sunrise 

2.8.17    RI Democratic Women's Caucus kicks off to large crowd -RiFuture

2.8.17    Women's Caucus draws nearly 100 - World News

2.2.17    RI lawmakers push to affirm women's reproductive rights  - World News








12.21.16  Trump voters didn't take him literally on Obamacare. Oops? - Washington Post

12.21.16  The Trump Administration Already on its Way to a New Ethical Low - Washington Post

12.19.16  RI, Mass. Electors Cast Votes for President - WJAR10 

12.13.16  The Perfect Weapon: How Russia Cyberpower Invaded the U.S.

10.14.16  Scott MacKay: Arrogance of DeSimone & Malik Write-in Campaigns - RI Public Radio

10.13.16  Editorial: Hillary Clinton for President - ProJo 

10.13.16  Timeline of Hillary Clinton's Presidential Run - ProJo

10.6.16    New Surge Towards Clinton in Rhode Island - ProJo 

10.6.16    Sen.Reed Goes to Ohio to Campaign for Hillary - ProJo

9.17.16    Clinton Campaign Kicks-Off in Rhode Island - WPRI

8.25.16    Bill Lynch Rejoins RI Dems as Special Adviser - WPRI

8.13.16    Democrat VP candidate Kaine in Newport - Washington Post

8.2.16     Clintons Attend Funeral of Prominent Democrat Mark Weiner - WPRI 

7.28.16    Chair interviewed for 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' at DNC - YouTube 

7.22.16    Chair McNamara on TV News Conference - WJAR

6.22.16    RI Congressmen Join House Sit-in on GOP Failure to Act on Gun Safety - ProJo

5.5.16     Chair Responds to Trump as GOP 'Presumptive Nominee' - WPRI

5.4.16     2016 Delegate Count - New York Times 

5.4.16     Sanders to get 8 delegates; Clinton 7  - Westerly Sun 

5.3.16    Poll Chart: RI Democratic Presidential Election - Huffington Post 

4.30.16   Primary Election reveals Flaws - Providence Journal

4.29.16   Trump, Sanders Represented Change - RI Public Radio/ Scott MacKay

4.28.16   Smooth Primary, a Sanders Surprise - Cranston Herald/ John Howell

4.27.16   Trump, Clinton Score Major Victories - CNN

4.27.16   Sanders Wins Rhode Island - Huffington Post

4.26.16   Rhode Island Presidential Election - Patch Newport

4.26.16   Rhode Island Primary Results - New York Times

4.26.16   Unaffiliated Voters a Focus of Election - Boston Globe

4.26.16   Five Things you need to know about Today's Election - Ted Nesi/ WPRI 

4.24.16   Smallest State Suddenly Has a Big Role in Presidential Election - NY Times  

4.23.16   Presidential Frenzy Drops into Rhode Island - Boston Globe 

4.22.16   Nellie Gorbea on RI Presidential elections - RI Public Radio

4.20.16   Presidential Primary Delegates a Head-scratching game - Providence Journal

4.20.16   R.I. Rarity Tuesday: a presidential primary that counts - Valley Breeze 

4.20.16   Eastern States Take Turn in Spotlight - Wall Street Journal

4.14.16   President Clinton rallies in RI - Herald Advance/ AP

3.24.16   R.I. Dem Chair Hopeful about Clinton Visit - Providence Journal/ Kathy Gregg

2.24.16   All 9 Superdelegates Support Clinton - WPRI/ Ted Nesi

1.31.16   R.I. Democratic Chair calls for Interested Caucus Chairs- GoLocalProv



12.23.15  Clinton tells Sanders backers...join me  - Washington Post

12.23.15  Deficit would Soar under Trump Plan - Washington Post 

8.24.15  Presidential hopeful Wells to make stop in RI

8.19.15  Senate Democrats on Iran Deal - Reuters

8.18.15  Chafee to Iowa Dem Event: I've never had a scandal - PJ Media 

8.13.15  GoLocalProv: RI Dem Chair Releases Statement on RI State Police Report - Topix 

8.6.15 - Democrats Schedule Six Debates - OnPolitics 

8.5.15   New Poll: 56 percent of Dems Happy with Sanders as Nominee - News Max 

8.4.15   Editorial: A Biden could inject life into Democratic race - Dallas News

7.30.15  National Conference of State Legislatures  - National Conf. of State Legislatures, The Canvass

7.28.15  Clinton and Democratic Hopefuls address DNC members - Boston Herald

7.23.15  Dems Launch TV Program 'Dems Discuss' - Warwick Beacon

7.21.15  Democratic Chair McNamara calls for 2016 Caucus Members - goLocalProv

7.9/15   O'Malley to Wall Street: 'I will not let up on you' - Business Insider

7.8.15   O'Malley Rolls Out College Debt Program  - CBS News

7.7.15   Martin O'Malley: A strong foreign policy begins with a global middle class - Time Magazine

7.2.15   RI Democratic Party looking for Interns - Patch Mark Scheildrop

6.29.15  Supreme Court Allows Commissions to Draw Congressional Districts  - USA Today

6.29.15  Presidential Candidate Martin O'Malley in R.I. this week  - Providence Journal

6.29.15  Chair's Statement on Recent U.S. Supreme Court Decisions 

6.26.15  Governor Signs Increase to Minimum Wage Law  - Patch

6.25.15  Democrats Psyched about SCOTUS decisions  - The Huffington Post

6.24.15  Cong. Dems look to ease Voter Restrictions - Talk Radio News Service

6.24.15  Obama Praises RI Legislature & Governor on Minimum Wage Hike - Washington Examiner

6.22.15  What We're Watching Today - New York Times 

6.22.15  RI's Minimum Wage Increase - San Francisco Gate

6.15.15 Early Polls Show Sanders Surge - Politico

6.15.15  Pope, GOP Collide on Climate Change - CNN

6.15.15 Chafee's Metric Bid - The Boston Globe

6.12.15 House Democrats Introduce Automatic Voter Registration - America Blog

6.11.15  Hillary Clinton Visits Rhode Island - WPRI

6.11.15  Hillary Clinton Visits Rhode Island; endorsed by Nellie Gorbea - Turnto10

6.6.15  RI Democratic Party Moves Offices to Warwick - Warwick Beacon

6.4.15  'Let's wage peace': RI Former Governor Seeks Democratic Nomination - The Providence Journal 

6.3.15 Ex-Rhode Island Governor Linc Chafee Joins Race for President - United Press International

6.3.15  RI Democrats moving headquarters to Warwick - The Providence Journal

4.13.15  New Hire for Democrats - Providence Journal

4.10.15 RI Democrats appoint  new Communications Director - RI Small Business Journal

4.3.15  TGIF: 19 things to know about RI Politics and Media - RI Public Radio



10.29.14 I-Team: Confidential email purportedly shows Fung courted 38 Studios

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