Relational Organizing

Relationships are the core of Organizing, so how can we make our organizing more closely tied to existing relationships rather than relying on talking to strangers? Relational Organizing is a Campaign Organizing strategy that tries to answer this question. For example, the 2021 Georgia Senate Runoffs were won by Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock in significant part because of Relational Organizing campaigns that coordinated relational, local organizing across a vast state toward the united goal of flipping the US Senate for Democrats.

Many dedicated tools exist to help coordinate relational organizing campaigns (e.g. Reach, Empower, OutreachCircle, and many more), but there are also ways to make your Campaign Organizing more Relational without dedicated tools. Organize volunteers to talk to their friends and family on your behalf. Ask your supporters to “Vote Triple,” a simple practice that can have powerful turnout impacts. Use VAN Distributed Canvassing (below) to give your volunteers & supporters a simple way of seeing who you’re trying to reach and sharing with you the results of these conversations (e.g. IDs). Find new ways to reach your voters that meet them where they are, by who they know.

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