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As an elected official, the best way to position yourself for re-election is to consistently be in contact with your constituents about what you’ve done for them and their communities while in office. This is especially true in odd years; voters will notice if their representatives only talk to them right before an election. A good goal for constituent contact during an off year is 4 times per year. We are nearing the end of that “off” year. 

While there are many ways to engage with constituents, one impactful way to reach your constituents is with traditional mail. Mail is an affordable method of targeted voter communication.

We suggest building a mail plan NOW that focuses on communicating with your constituents at least twice between now and January 1. Ideally the mail is a double sided card, a good size- 6 x 8 is usually the most affordable.  It should include a photo of the district- and a photo of you NOT POSED in the district.  It should include information about your key accomplishments during the session AND a request/offer for voters to call with their ideas for your priorities in the coming session. It should include all the ways for constituents to contact you, as well as your website and social media addresses.

If you need help making this a reality in your campaign- give us a call. We are here to help. Enjoy the summer (but don’t forget to talk to voters).

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