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6.6.18 Houston plans to host 2020 Democratic National Convention KHOU11

6.6.18 Tom Perez and DNC set to meet in Providence this weekend WPRI

6.6.18 Candidate to challenge Sheldon Whitehouse in Democratic Primary Uprise RI 

 6.1.18 Obama attends first DNC fundraiser  The Hill 

5.31.18 DNC gives $100K grant to help with Puerto Rico efforts 

5.28.18 RI Democratic Party condemns immigration separation Uprise RI

2.14.18  CO & RI among Few States Prepared for Elections - Sentinel Record (AP story)

1.31.18  Congressional Delegates Critical of Trump Speech - RIPR

1.31.18  Gorbea in US Elections Roundtable  US Elections Asst. Comm.

1.31.18  RI Mother Faces Deportation - Providence Journal

1.30.18  Rep Joe Kennedy Democratic Response - CBS news/FB

1.30.18  Meet the Women's Caucus Board - Public Now

1.30.18  Whitehouse interviews Pruitt - Grist

1.30.18  Pimental Face of DACA in RI - Providence Journal

1.30.18  Whitehouse at Woonsocket Town Hall - Providence Journal

1.25.18  Ruggerio Backs Bill for Aging in Place - Jamestown Press

1.24.18  ED Olasanoye at Nat'l Dems Meeting - Public Now

1.24.18  Organizing the Senate can get Messy - Roll Call

1.23.18  High Drama in Pawtucket's S-8 Race - Valley Breeze

1.22.18  Roll Call: Push to Keep Gov't Open - Washington Post

1.22.18  Whitehouse says DJR Falls Short on Opioid Funding - Washington Times

1.22.18  State Chair Collecting Clothing MLK Day - Public Now

1.18.18 Whitehouse Named to Powerful Panel - Jamestown Press

1.12.18 Republicans' Fantasy Investigation - New York Times

1.11.18  Governor Wants Waiver on Drilling - Seymour Tribune (IN)

1.5.18  Trump: Claims 'Mostly Democratic States' Refusing Voter Data - Washington Post 


12.31.17  It's a New Year in Rhode Island  - Providence Journal

12.6.17  Democratic Party calls on Franken to Resign - The Week Magazine

12.5.17  Governor Raimondo Recognized by SANS Institute - ADVEN Deutschland

11.30.17 RI Dem Party ED Criticizes Fung on Frm. Police Chief -WPRO

11.22.17 Fixing the Democratic Party - The Gulf

11.17.17 Dufault on RI Democrats' messaging - RIPR

11.9.17  Women's Caucus holds 1st Fundraiser - WBRU

11.6.17  Pelosi & Democrats Denounce GOP Tax Cut Plan - Santa Maria Times

9.20.17   Governor Looks Out for DACA Youth - ShareBlue

9.20.17  RI Lawmakers Guarantee Sick Time - Providence Journal

9.18.17  What do Centrist Dems Stand For? - New Republic

9.15.17  Paolino Interested in DNC Committeman Post - RIPR/TGIF 

9.14.17 Democrats Line up for Single-Payer  - RI Public Radio

9.6.17   Top Republicans Join Dems in Calling for End to Gerrymandering - Daily News

9.5.17    RI Dems Push Back Against DACA End - Westerly Sun

8.22.17  Passing of Frank J. Montanaro

8.16.17  RI Dems Decry GOP Silence on Trump & Charlottesville

8.16.17  McNamara Calls on  Bell to Speak Out on Violence 

8.2.17    Chair on DACA 

7.26.17  Local Leaders Lambaste Trump's Ban on Transgender Military - WPRI

7.26.17  RI Dem Party, Cicilline Blast Trump's Plan to Ban Transgender Military - GoLocalProv

7.19.17  How the Senate Health Care Bill Failed - New York Times 

7.19.17  In Leadership Void Governors become the new President - Newsday

7.19.17   Congressional Dems Launch 'No Confidence' vote Against Trump - The Hill

7.19.17  Democrats Live with DNC Chair Perez, Keith Ellison & Sen. Warren -

7.18.17  Newport, Jamestown Dems Pick Euer for Senate-13 Seat - Providence Journal

7.17.17  RI Democrats Unite Against GOP Health Care bill - WPRI Eyewitness News

7.14.17  Nations Governors 'High Degree of Anxiety' over Health Care Bill - NBC News

7.13.17   RI Democratic Women's Caucus Travels the State - RIFuture

7.12.17   No RI Voting Data will go to Washington, For Now - RI Public Radio

6.19.17  Editorial: RI's Budget Strikes Balance - Providence Journal

6.19.17  District 13 race: 4 candidates at Forum - The Patch

5.22.17  RI Democratic Party Hires Kevin Olasanoye as New ED - RI Public Radio 

5.4.17    RI Top Dems Scorch GOP Health Bill - Providence Journal 

4.9.17    The Raimondo Brand: Nation's top Dems Tout Governor Raimondo - Providence Journal

4.5.17    RI Democrats Defend Governor's Jobs Record after GOP Attack - Providence Journal

2.21.17   Shanley seeks relief for tenants affected by second-hand smoke - Warwick Beacon

2.21.17   U.S. to increase no. of immigrants targeted for deportation - Providence Journal

2.21.17  Trump seeks to prevent panic over immigration policies - Washington Post

2.20.17  Sen. Reed calls for Trump Financial Disclosures - R.I. Public Radio

2.20.17   Sen. Whitehouse at Munich Conference - R.I. Public Radio

2/19/17  Scientists Rally in Boston vs Trump - Woonsocket Call 

2.18.17  R.I. Democratic Party Women's Caucus - RI Future

3.01.17   How to Build an Autocracy - The Atlantic (online 2.15.17) 

2.15.17   R.I. Dems to support Cong. Ellison for DNC chair - World News

2.15.17   Trump blames 'fake news' - Politico

2.15.17   Academics on Twitter taking on Trump admn - Slate

2.15.17   Graham: If Trump Camp Talked with Russia, We Need a Select Committee - Talking Points Memo

2.15.17   Flynn's departure erupts into full-blown crisis - The Washington Post

2.15.17   Trump's campaign aides had repeated contact with Russia - New York Times

2.15.17   For weeks Trump knew Flynn misled - Providence Journal

2.14.17   RI Dem Chair makes statement  on Gen. Flynn   - World News

2.14.17   The humbling of a president - The Washington Post

2.14.17   Senate pledges to deepen probe of Russia, elections -Providence Journal 

2.10.17   22 Things to know about Rhode Island - RI Public Radio

2.9.17     RI Dems launch Women's Caucus - Cranston Herald 

2.9.17     RI Democratic Women Launch Caucus - Johnston Sunrise 

2.8.17    RI Democratic Women's Caucus kicks off to large crowd -RiFuture

2.8.17    Women's Caucus draws nearly 100 - World News

2.2.17    RI lawmakers push to affirm women's reproductive rights  - World News








12.21.16  Trump voters didn't take him literally on Obamacare. Oops? - Washington Post

12.21.16  The Trump Administration Already on its Way to a New Ethical Low - Washington Post

12.19.16  RI, Mass. Electors Cast Votes for President - WJAR10 

12.13.16  The Perfect Weapon: How Russia Cyberpower Invaded the U.S.

10.14.16  Scott MacKay: Arrogance of DeSimone & Malik Write-in Campaigns - RI Public Radio

10.13.16  Editorial: Hillary Clinton for President - ProJo 

10.13.16  Timeline of Hillary Clinton's Presidential Run - ProJo

10.6.16    New Surge Towards Clinton in Rhode Island - ProJo 

10.6.16    Sen.Reed Goes to Ohio to Campaign for Hillary - ProJo

9.17.16    Clinton Campaign Kicks-Off in Rhode Island - WPRI

8.25.16    Bill Lynch Rejoins RI Dems as Special Adviser - WPRI

8.13.16    Democrat VP candidate Kaine in Newport - Washington Post

8.2.16     Clintons Attend Funeral of Prominent Democrat Mark Weiner - WPRI 

7.28.16    Chair interviewed for 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' at DNC - YouTube 

7.22.16    Chair McNamara on TV News Conference - WJAR

6.22.16    RI Congressmen Join House Sit-in on GOP Failure to Act on Gun Safety - ProJo

5.5.16     Chair Responds to Trump as GOP 'Presumptive Nominee' - WPRI

5.4.16     2016 Delegate Count - New York Times 

5.4.16     Sanders to get 8 delegates; Clinton 7  - Westerly Sun 

5.3.16    Poll Chart: RI Democratic Presidential Election - Huffington Post 

4.30.16   Primary Election reveals Flaws - Providence Journal

4.29.16   Trump, Sanders Represented Change - RI Public Radio/ Scott MacKay

4.28.16   Smooth Primary, a Sanders Surprise - Cranston Herald/ John Howell

4.27.16   Trump, Clinton Score Major Victories - CNN

4.27.16   Sanders Wins Rhode Island - Huffington Post

4.26.16   Rhode Island Presidential Election - Patch Newport

4.26.16   Rhode Island Primary Results - New York Times

4.26.16   Unaffiliated Voters a Focus of Election - Boston Globe

4.26.16   Five Things you need to know about Today's Election - Ted Nesi/ WPRI 

4.24.16   Smallest State Suddenly Has a Big Role in Presidential Election - NY Times  

4.23.16   Presidential Frenzy Drops into Rhode Island - Boston Globe 

4.22.16   Nellie Gorbea on RI Presidential elections - RI Public Radio

4.20.16   Presidential Primary Delegates a Head-scratching game - Providence Journal

4.20.16   R.I. Rarity Tuesday: a presidential primary that counts - Valley Breeze 

4.20.16   Eastern States Take Turn in Spotlight - Wall Street Journal

4.14.16   President Clinton rallies in RI - Herald Advance/ AP

3.24.16   R.I. Dem Chair Hopeful about Clinton Visit - Providence Journal/ Kathy Gregg

2.24.16   All 9 Superdelegates Support Clinton - WPRI/ Ted Nesi

1.31.16   R.I. Democratic Chair calls for Interested Caucus Chairs- GoLocalProv



12.23.15  Clinton tells Sanders backers...join me  - Washington Post

12.23.15  Deficit would Soar under Trump Plan - Washington Post 

8.24.15  Presidential hopeful Wells to make stop in RI

8.19.15  Senate Democrats on Iran Deal - Reuters

8.18.15  Chafee to Iowa Dem Event: I've never had a scandal - PJ Media 

8.13.15  GoLocalProv: RI Dem Chair Releases Statement on RI State Police Report - Topix 

8.6.15 - Democrats Schedule Six Debates - OnPolitics 

8.5.15   New Poll: 56 percent of Dems Happy with Sanders as Nominee - News Max 

8.4.15   Editorial: A Biden could inject life into Democratic race - Dallas News

7.30.15  National Conference of State Legislatures  - National Conf. of State Legislatures, The Canvass

7.28.15  Clinton and Democratic Hopefuls address DNC members - Boston Herald

7.23.15  Dems Launch TV Program 'Dems Discuss' - Warwick Beacon

7.21.15  Democratic Chair McNamara calls for 2016 Caucus Members - goLocalProv

7.9/15   O'Malley to Wall Street: 'I will not let up on you' - Business Insider

7.8.15   O'Malley Rolls Out College Debt Program  - CBS News

7.7.15   Martin O'Malley: A strong foreign policy begins with a global middle class - Time Magazine

7.2.15   RI Democratic Party looking for Interns - Patch Mark Scheildrop

6.29.15  Supreme Court Allows Commissions to Draw Congressional Districts  - USA Today

6.29.15  Presidential Candidate Martin O'Malley in R.I. this week  - Providence Journal

6.29.15  Chair's Statement on Recent U.S. Supreme Court Decisions 

6.26.15  Governor Signs Increase to Minimum Wage Law  - Patch

6.25.15  Democrats Psyched about SCOTUS decisions  - The Huffington Post

6.24.15  Cong. Dems look to ease Voter Restrictions - Talk Radio News Service

6.24.15  Obama Praises RI Legislature & Governor on Minimum Wage Hike - Washington Examiner

6.22.15  What We're Watching Today - New York Times 

6.22.15  RI's Minimum Wage Increase - San Francisco Gate

6.15.15 Early Polls Show Sanders Surge - Politico

6.15.15  Pope, GOP Collide on Climate Change - CNN

6.15.15 Chafee's Metric Bid - The Boston Globe

6.12.15 House Democrats Introduce Automatic Voter Registration - America Blog

6.11.15  Hillary Clinton Visits Rhode Island - WPRI

6.11.15  Hillary Clinton Visits Rhode Island; endorsed by Nellie Gorbea - Turnto10

6.6.15  RI Democratic Party Moves Offices to Warwick - Warwick Beacon

6.4.15  'Let's wage peace': RI Former Governor Seeks Democratic Nomination - The Providence Journal 

6.3.15 Ex-Rhode Island Governor Linc Chafee Joins Race for President - United Press International

6.3.15  RI Democrats moving headquarters to Warwick - The Providence Journal

4.13.15  New Hire for Democrats - Providence Journal

4.10.15 RI Democrats appoint  new Communications Director - RI Small Business Journal

4.3.15  TGIF: 19 things to know about RI Politics and Media - RI Public Radio



10.29.14 I-Team: Confidential email purportedly shows Fung courted 38 Studios

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