News Releases


3.6.18  LGBTQ Caucus Meeting Posponed Due to Weather (English & Español)

2.21.18  LGBTQ Caucus to Hold Organizational Meeting (English & Español)

2.16.18  McNamara Calls for Resignation of Kettle (English & Español)

1.30.18  RI Dem Women's Caucus Elects 1st Board (English & Español)

1.30.18  Bios of the 1st Women's Caucus Board

1.24.18  Olasanoye at ASDC Conference

1.16.18  ED Olasanoye on Trump & Immigrants

1.12.18  State Party Honors MLK Day (English & Español)

1.11.18  Olasanoye on Trump Bigotry (English & Español)

1.11.18  McNamara Responds to Trump Bigotry 

1.3.18   Office Closing due to "Bomb Cyclone"


12.22.17  Chair on Passing of Warwick Democrat

12.21.17  RIDP Joins #DemsForYou

12.0617  Trillo Enters Governor's Race

12.6.17  ED Olasanoye on Trillo in Gov's Race

12.5.17  Governor Raimondo Named DGA Vice Chair

11.16.17 ED Olasanoye on Flanders in Sen Race

11.14.17 RI Dems Accepting Comms Interns 

11.14.17 Communications  Interns 2018

11.8.17  DNC Chair Perez in RI for Nov. 30 Fundraiser

11.8.17  Dem Victories at Polls in US

11.6.17  Correction - RIDP Women's Caucus Fundraiser 

10.24.17 DeLorenzo Disaffiliation from Party

10.02 .17 JMM on Bell Criticism

9.21.17  RI Dems Aid Effort to Help Puerto Rico Relief  en Esp

9.21.17 RI Dems Aid Effort to Help Puerto Rico 

9.21.17  RI Dems Join Effort to Help Puerto Rico Relief

9.18.17  Dems on Governor & DACA initiatives

9.15.17  RI Dems to hold State Committee meeting

9.5.17    Leading RI Dems on DACA

9.5.17    Video of DACA Dreamers

8.22.17   McNamara on Passing of Frank J. Montanaro, Sr.

8.16.17   McNamara on GoLocalProv 

8.16.17   Leading RI Dems Criticize Trump

8.16.17   RI Dems  Issue "Missing Persons" GOP Bell

8.15.17  RIDP Appoints I'm ABLED Caucus Chair

8.15.17  Response to Charlottesville Tragedies

7.27.17   Statement on Trump's Transgender Military Ban

7.27.17   27th Anniversary of ADA Signing

6.21.17   Passing of Bristol Democratic Activist 

6.12.17  Chafee's Revisionist History

6.12.17  Women's Caucus Adopts Bylaws, PAC & Resolution

               WC Bylaws, Mission Statement, Resolution 

6.7.17   Trillo Trump Lovefest 

6.3.17    Congressman Ellison/ DNC on Resistance Summer 

5.31.17  GOP Bell & Trump 

5.23.17  Kevin Olasanoye, Esq. Named RIDP Ex Dir

5.3.17    McNamara on GOP Attempts to Gut the ACA

4.26.17  Women's Caucus Meeting 

4.4.17    DNC Chair Perez in Rhode Island

4.3.17    Passing of Sen. William Walaska

3.29.17  Women's Caucus to meet in Central Falls

3.23.17  Appointment of William Lynch to RIDP 

3.23.17  Election of Sen. Pres. Ruggeiro & Leader McCaffrey 

3.16.17  Passing of Activist John D. Lynch 

3.8.17    Call for Dismissal of GOP Prov Leader

3.6.17    Women's Caucus 

3.2.17   Calls for Resignation of US AG Sessions & For Independent Prosecutor

2.28.17  McNamara Response to Prex Address 

2.25.17  Statement on Election of Perez as DNC Chair, Ellison as Deputy

2.22.17  R.I. Democratic Chair heads to Atlanta for DNC elections 

2.15.17  R.I. Democrats to Support Cong. Ellison for DNC Chair

2.14.17  R.I. Democratic Chair Speaks on Gen. Flynn's Resignation

2.10.17  Statement on 9th Circuit Ct. of Appeals on Muslim Ban

2.8.17    Sen. Ruggerio Postpones Reception due to Inclement Weather

2.8.17    RI Democratic HQs Closed Thursday due to Weather  

2.8.17    Women's Caucus Draws Nearly 100 RI Women

1.31.17  Women's Caucus Rescheduled - Weather

1.24.17  Women's Caucus 

1.12.17  Cong Rally to Save Health Care

1.12.17  LGBTQ Op Ed on Impact of ACA Cuts

1.11.17  Chair McNamara on Trump Plan  


12.19.16  RI's Electoral College votes for Clinton

12.16.16  Intel Briefings for Electors Russian Influence 

11.29.16  Election Day on Democrats Discuss

11.2.16    Election Day Details

10.27.16  Outside Money in Election

10.18.16  Presidential Debates

10.7.16    State's Dems Speak Out on Impact of Trump l Pence  

10.4.16    VP Debate Watch Party

9.14.16    HFA Presidential Campaign

9.9.16     State Dem Chair Chides RI G.O.P Silence on Trump's Embrace of Putin & Denigration of US Military Generals

6.22.16    RI Congressmen Join House Dem Sit-in 

6.7.16     Deadline to Disaffiliate

6.7.16     RI State Convention MA 

5.25.16    DLCC Annual Meeting

5.2.16     RI's Prex Primary Results 

5.2.16     Prex Delegates Certified

4.4.16     Statement Democratic Chair 

3.24.16   Editorial Rebuttal GOP 

3.23.16   Chair McNamara on Voter Registration

3.22.16   Women's History Month 

3.16.16   Deadlines to Register to Vote

3.7.16    Voter Registration Rally

3.1.16    Super Tuesday Watch Party

2.29.16   McNamara on Bell's release

2.23.16   Burrillville endorses Langevin

2.23.16   Delegate Candidacy Filing 

2.18.16   Chair on Republican Tactics

2.17.16   YD & LGBTQ on Democrats Discuss

2.17.16   Delegate Candidate Deadlines

2.4.16    Prex Primary Bus Service

1.26.16   Bus Service NH resumes

1.16.16  SOTU address & party

1.4.16   Deadlines 2016 Prex Primary



10.27.15  DNC Seeks Vendors for 2016 Convention

10.23.15   Withdrawal of Gov. Chafee in Prex Race

10.20.15  Statement on Passing of Brad Gorham

10.7.15    Debate Watch

10.5.15   Opening of Democratic HQs 

9.30.15   Rep.Abney & Mayor Diossa Dems Discus

9.17.15   Dems on Republican Debate

9.15.15   Statement on Passing of Two Prominent Democrats

9.2.15    R.I. Democrats to Launch Workshops on How to Become a Delegate to 2016 Democratic National Convention 

8.27.15  Chair on Passing of former Rep. Joe Scanlon

8.26.15  Dems Discuss -statewide coverage & Full Channel

8.25.15  Chair & Speaker - Democrats Discuss

8.20.15  Chair on NPR: 38 Studios Pawsox 195 Comm

8.14.15  Chair addresses League of Women Voters

8.12.15  Chair on RISP Cranston 

8.6.15    Chair interviews SOS on 50th Anniversary VRA    

7.27.15   Inaugural program of Dems Discuss 

7.20.15   Chair calls for Caucus members

7.7.15    Chair offers Statement on Passing of Patricia "Pat" Houlihan

7.1.15    Release Seeking interns & volunteers

6.29.15   Chair McNamara Applauds Action of SCOTUS

6.23.15   Follow up to RI young & college democrats' event

6.23.15   RI Democrats Host State's young Democrats in Meet & Greet

6.3.15    Statement by Chair Joseph M. McNamara on Ethics' Complaint

6.15.15   media alert young Dems' event   

6.2.15    State Democratic Party Moves Offices

5.9.15    RI Democrats Adopt 2016 RI Delegate Selection Plan

5.4.15    Adoption of Delegate Selection Plan

4.27.15   Affirmative Action Committee meeting   

4.27.15  State's Democratic Affirmative Action Committee Adopt 2016 RI Del.Plan

4.14.15  National Equal Pay Day 

4.9.15   RI Democrats Seek Input on 2016 RI Delegate Selection Plan

4.8.15   RI Dems Name New Communications Director



10.29.14 I-Team: Fung Tried to Bring 38 Studios to Cranston, Offering "All Available Incentives"

10.28.14 Complaint Filed Against Republican Dark Money Group Funding Attack Ad on Fung's Behalf

10.21.14 Allan Fung Has Some Questions to Answer about the Cranston Ticketing Scandal

10.9.14 Questions Emerge on Dawson Hodgson's Potential Ethics Violations

10.8.14 Fung Brings Governor Christie to Rhode Island, but They Already Share Too Much

9.25.14 Speaker Mattiello Recommends Rep. McNamara as Democratic Party Chairman

9.23.14 DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Headline RI Democratic Party Unity Dinner

2012 Electoral College unanimously votes for Barack Obama

10.5.12 Dems LGBTQ Caucus Respond to Doherty's Stance on VAWA Reauthorization

10.5.12 Doherty reveals true concerns over VAWA

10.4.12 RI Dems slam Doherty for siding with GOP leaders on VAWA

10.3.12 RI Dems Announce Unity Dinner Guest Speakers

10.3.12 RI Dems Criticize Doherty for Opposition to Expanding Violence Against Women Act

9.25.12 Dems to Doherty: Please Explain Why Romney Would Be Fantastic for RI Infrastructure

9.24.12 RI Seniors Should be Concerned about GOP Agenda

(also see Fact Sheet: Setting the Record Straight-Republican Agenda for Seniors)

8.31.12 Voters Need to Look Beyond the Theatrics; Doherty & Romney Wrong for RI

8.27.12 LGBTQ Caucus: Gemma Should Denounce Homophobic Innuendo 

8.27.12 RIDP Calls on Gemma to Disavow Staffer

8.22.12 Pacheco: Get Back to the Issues

8.17.12 RI Democratic Delegation Certified for the National Convention

8.11.12 Romney Goes All In on Leaving the Middle Class Out

8.3.12 RIGOP's Wild West Show: Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Hateful Intolerance

8.2.12 Doherty Silence

8.1.12 Doherty to Tea Party: I Support Paul Ryan

7.24.12 Doherty admits opposition to DISCLOSE

7.23.12 Citizen Doherty

7.19.12 Doherty's Hypocritical Attacks on Congressman Cicilline

4.12.12 What a Difference Six Years Makes: Romney's Hypocrisy on Health Care

4.10.12 Letter to Brendan Doherty

3.12.12 Whose Side is Brendan Doherty On?

2.21.12 Author of Bill to Privatize Social Security Impressed by Doherty

1.25.12 Statement on the Passing of Governor Garrahy

1.17.12 RIDP Encourages Democrats to Declare Candidacy and Run for 2012 National Convention Delegates

1.5.12 With Doherty Endorsement, Questions

11.3.11 Doherty Endorsements? Old News.

9.23.11 Doherty & Loughlin Fight for Billionaires at Expense of Middle Class

9.20.11 Gordon Should Step Down

9.13.11 American Jobs Act - Impact on Rhode Island

9.9.11 Statement on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11

9.7.11 Pacheco to GOP: Rhode Islanders Deserve Answers

9.7.11 GOP-Tea Party Policies Would Cost RI More than 30,000 Jobs

7.26.11 Statement from Pacheco on Romney's RI Visit

7.21.11 Statement on the Passing of Gov. Bruce Sundlun

6.21.11 Doherty and Carcieri

3.30.11 Pacheco Denounces Comments by Rep. Gordon

3.24.11 Chairman Pacheco Supports Marriage Equality

3.23.11 Affordable Care Act - One Year Anniversary

3.11.11 Trillo Attempts to Further the Attacks on Unions

2.9.11 Statement on Sen. Kettle's Comments on RI's Homeless