Allan Fung is Wrong for Rhode Island
September 23, 2022
In the last few weeks you have seen the posts on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and every other social media platform about how important it is to get out and vote. Voting is a fundamental right that is essential to bettering our society, it's one of the first things you learn about civic engagement. If people don't participate in our elections, progress cannot happen.

We are now 46 days out from the General Election and this will be one of the most important elections to date. If Rhode Island elects Allan Fung, we will erase years of work from past congresspeople. Fung has aligned himself with extremist MAGA Republicans time & time again. He invited Kevin McCarthy to RI and tried to hide the fact he had a MAGA Republican in our beautiful state. Shortly after, Fung was seen in Wyoming at a party celebrating Liz Cheney's loss to a Trump-backed candidate. He doesn't care about the safety of our children, having waited days to put out a statement after the mass shooting in Uvalde and still saying nothing about gun safety legislation. He is a member of the Thomas More Society, a group that is working to outlaw abortion in all 50 states regardless of how many women would die from complications or back alley abortions. Not to mention, he mishandled finances in Cranston, forcing the current mayor, Mayor Hopkins, to terminate staff and make severe budget cuts.

Rhode Island is in a race for its life against Fung, we CANNOT afford to sit this election out. You cannot stay at home and say, "My 1 vote doesn't matter," because it absolutely does. It may very well be the loss of that 1 vote that takes Fung to victory, allowing him to cut Social Security & Medicare, LGBTQ+ rights & abortion rights. Our state motto is "Hope" and we are committed to keeping hope alive. We are committed to ensuring CD-2 stays blue for the sake of our great state. Can we count on you to show up in support for Seth Magaziner on Election Day?
Rhode Island Democratic Party Hosts Successful Unity Dinner
September 19, 2022
Last night the RIDP held our 2022 Unity Dinner in honor of Congressman Jim Langevin. The event was a full house with approximately 300 local Democrats in attendance. The overarching theme was unity & support for our fellow Democrats as we prepare for November's General Election.

Chairman Joseph McNamara stated, "To deliver the progress that Rhode Islanders and Americans across the country need, we need to put our differences aside and focus on all we stand to lose if we don't-- not just as Democrats, but as Americans. For the sake of protecting our environment, lowering costs for everyday Americans, making healthcare affordable for & accessible for everyone. For the sake of our children, making sure they get a quality education and can feel safe in our schools. Last but not least, for the sake of preserving our fundamental rights as Americans. For our country, for Rhode Island, our unity is essential."
Republicans Introduce National Abortion Ban
September 16, 2022
Republicans across the country haven't been shy about their desire to take away women's rights. Earlier this week, Senate Republicans inched closer towards their goal, introducing a bill to ban abortion nationwide after 15 weeks. Democrats are committed to restoring reproductive rights in the face of continued radical action by Republicans. Let's be clear, reproductive rights are on the ballot this November. Women's lives are on the ballot this November.


The threat Republicans pose to our country extends even further. By actively working for something an overwhelming majority of Americans are against, Republicans have shown that on a fundamental level, the will of the American people has no place in their decision-making. Don't be fooled by attempts to downplay this fact. If Allan Fung goes to Congress, they will gain yet another ally in their battle against the American people.