Checklist to Run For Office

Getting ready to run for office?

Here are the first ten steps. We at RIDP are ready and eager to help you get on the ballot and running for office!

  1. Purchase your web domain in a version format that is timeless- rather than
  2. Apply online for an EIN- it is easy and fast and what you need to open a bank account.
  3. Open a bank account, and an ACT BLUE account
  4. Review (and follow) all the applicable finance and filing laws for the seat you intend to run for.
  5. Make your first 50 list- the list of the first 50 people you need to talk to prior to running. Include community icons, influencers, party leaders, community leaders etc.
  6. Write your personal narrative- a one paragraph description of you and why you are running.
  7. Write your bio
  8. Begin searching for a campaign manager/finance helper- these two roles may be the same person depending on your race.
  9. Plan your district tour- organize at least 5 meetings in the district where you can sit and LISTEN to voters talk about what is important to them in the current election cycle.
  10. Review the campaign finance filings of the last person who ran for the seat, or the person who holds it now.

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