Getting on the Ballot

Want to get on the ballot? Follow these steps:

  1. File your Declaration of Candidacy (deadlines TBA on the Secretary of State’s website but usually they are the last consecutive Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in June of the election year).
  2. Gather signatures on your Nomination Papers from registered voters who are eligible to vote in your race. The number of signatures required varies depending on the office you are seeking (Representative in General Assembly: 50, Senator in General Assembly: 100). We recommend collecting three times the signatures than are actually required because some will end up being rejected during the verification process.
  3. Return your signatures to the local Board of Canvassers during the certification period (dates TBA on the Secretary of State’s website ).
  4. Check the Secretary of State’s website during the certification period to see how many valid signatures you got and whether you met the threshold for ballot placement.

Once you’re on the ballot, congratulations!

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