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At the end of the quarter last month, I received a call from a donor who was frustrated by the inability to make financial contributions efficiently and swiftly to candidates because they did not have a website or the ability to accept a contribution by credit card. Voters regularly go to candidate websites to learn about the candidate’s positions on important issues. Members of the press and allied organizations use websites to evaluate candidates’ viability. A website is an essential campaign tool. It isn’t an optional tool anymore- it is a “must have”.

A website does not need to be fancy or complicated, and it shouldn’t be expensive. It should contain information about the candidate, information about the campaign- including how, when and where to vote or get a mail ballot, and it should have a contact page for constituents and visitors to send to the campaign to volunteer, take a yard sign, etc. The MOST IMPORTANT component of a candidate website is a donate button that takes one directly to a page where a credit card can be used to make a contribution. Websites should be filled with pictures- of the district, of the candidate out in the district, and perhaps of the candidate with their family, neighbors and friends.

The RI Democratic Party is partnering with RagTag–a volunteer organization with expertise in building digital tools for down-ballot Democratic Campaigns–to provide assistance building a new campaign website for your campaign, at a total cost of $272 paid by your campaign. Please check out < ahref="">this document for thorough details of this opportunity. We are also extending the invitation to City and Town Committee’s and their down ballot incumbents- dependent on capacity. The team at RIDP is working hard to professionalize our operation and provide all the tools needed to get Democrats elected up and down the ballot. We urge you to consider building or revamping an outdated website.

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