Van Pro Tip #2: Distributed Canvassing

VAN Pro Tip #2: Use Distributed Canvassing to empower your volunteers & supporters to engage their friends and family in support of your campaign

See detailed directions at this link

  1. Create a MiniVAN Campaign, if you haven’t already
  2. Create a List of Voters you want to reach (Saved Search)
  3. Create a Distributed Contacts Campaign. (Recommended: Give a larger number of doors, high radius, and a List Expiration time of 1 day.) If you want to allow multiple volunteers to canvass the same people on the same day, you’ll have to make different Distributed Contacts Campaigns for each volunteer
  4. Share out the List Number to your supporters and they can see a List of target voters in the MiniVAN app and reach out to whoever they know personally.

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