VAN Pro Tip #6: Export Voter List for Mail

You have TWO options for exporting voter lists for mail:

Option 1: Labels

Labels do NOT require export approval, and allow you to export a household-based voter list to a pdf format. Access “Labels” directly from My List.

Option 2: VAN Export

From the same menu in My List, you can click the Export button to request a spreadsheet export. This will require RIDP approval, so be sure to include the intended usage (and mailing vendor, if relevant) in the request and we will respond within 48 hours.

After the request is approved, you can customize and download the export. Click on your export request under “My Requests”.

On the next screen, click “Download”

Finally, choose “Householded Mailing List”, Customize Export…, then finally download a spreadsheet list of voters for your mail.

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