Van Pro Tip #4: Set Up A Virtual Phone Bank

VAN’s “Virtual Phone Bank” tool makes it very simple to Create a List of voters and set up a phone bank for you and your volunteers.

  1. Make sure you have a script ready
  2. Create a List of voters to call
  3. From “My List,” click “Calls” then “Set Up Virtual Phone Bank List”
  4. Fill in the appropriate info, and be sure to click“Publish to” under “Sharing”
  5. Save your Virtual Phone Bank and find the “OpenVPB” link. Use this (for yourself and volunteers) to start calling your list of voters! OpenVPB will display voters one-at-a-time with all relevant information and a script with data entry

Best Practices:

  1. Under “Alternate Numbers,” select “Attempt all alternate numbers”
  2. Under “Editable Contact Details,” turn on Notes
  3. Under “Householding,” select “Show only people in Household from Virtual Phone Bank list”
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